Callflow Builder
Drag, drop and connect components to create your dial plan for any Phone Number in seconds.
Dial plans made EASY!
Callflow is a visual representative of your inbound dial plans to any call destination or route. Just drag and drop. Use Callflow Builder to build your dial plans for any phone number or extension number. Boogo does the rest!

Divert calls to anywhere in seconds. Drag, Drop and Enter a Number to call, it's that simple!
Available Apps
  • Phone Number - Start with a Phone Number. Phone Numbers are real numbers anyone in the world can call. You receive and make calls to any destination using phone numbers.

  • Landline - Any landline phone number. Calls will be forwarded to a landline phone number.

  • Voicemail - This app is used to record inbound calls, saves the audio file to your vault for secure storage, sends a transcribe text message to your email address. Place the voicemail component after a landline, mobile, office or sip address. If the call goes unanswered, the call will go to voicemail. Use the Answer component if you you want an answering machine to answer your call.

  • Answer - This app works like an answering machine, record inbound calls, saves the audio file to your vault for secure storage, sends a transcribe text message to your email address. Place the Answer component after a call in number, no other components are required.

  • Call Screening. Who's calling you? Know who’s on the line before you connect! Your caller will hear your greeting message, and then the system will prompt them to state their first and last name. The system will try and connect the call to you, and once you answer the phone you’ll be presented with options to accept or reject the call. If you reject the caller they hear an unavailable message before going to voicemail. Call screening gives you the convenience of skipping unimportant calls while giving others a higher priority, saving you time and making you more efficient throughout the day. When you send a call directly to voicemail, you can choose to return the call at your convenience, without being rude to your clients. Your callers will never know that you are opting to take their call or to send it to voicemail, as it’s completely discreet.

  • Mobile - Any mobile phone number. Calls will be forwarded to a mobile phone number.

  • Busy - Use this app to redirect an inbound call which is busy. If the number being called is busy, add the Busy number component as the next number to call. You can add more than 1 Busy number component to a dialplan, if the any number is busy, the inbound call will go to the next Busy number component until the inbound call is answered.

  • Broadcast - Used for announcements, etc... Someone calls your number and is presented with a broadcast, an audio play back.

  • Sip - Any sip address. i.e. Calls will be forwarded to a sip address - VoIP.

  • Alert - Use this app to forward an alert text message when someone calls your local phone number. The callers id will be sent to your email address and mobile phone as a text message. You will need to turn on Email Alert for any phone number you want to receive alert messages. This component can be used in any dialplan. If you don't wish to use voicemail, simply add an Alert component to your dialplan and all missed calls will be logged and sent as an Alert notification.

  • Contacts - This app is used to route calls based on a contact calling your inbound number. When someone (contact) you know calls your phone number, the call is routed to the call destination and rules you specify for each contact. You can be assured the person calling is someone you know.

  • Extensions - Use this app to route calls to different destinations. i.e. Press “1” for sales..Press “2” for support.

  • Attendant - Use this app to greet your caller before routing the call to a destination. i.e. Thanks for calling, we are directing your call now, please wait!