Apps and Features

All plans come with a free inbox account, everytime you add a new phone number you also create a new inbox.

Inbox is where you can view missed calls and voicemail meassges. You can add, delete messages and add any missed call from a unknown caller to your blacklist or add the unknown caller as a new contact.

Callflow Builder
Callflow is a visual representative of your inbound dial plans to any call destination or route. Just drag and drop.

Use Callflow Builder to build your dial plans for any phone number or call in numbers. Boogo does the rest! Setup Call Forward and Routes in seconds. Control call flow support for all Phone Numbers.

Control where and how incoming calls are processed and where to call.

Add people you know to your contacts, route inbound calls from your contacts/customers to any destination number. Add a photo, landline number, mobile number, sip address and email address.

When a contact/customer calls they get to their destination quicker, no time delays. You can prioritise calls and route them to specific employees or any destination, minimise time waiting on hold or self serving via an impersonal switchboard. Additionally, you can set call control by time of day, deal value and more.

Set when to accept calls from different countries using timezones. Answer calls when you want and from what country. You can use Contacts as a whitelist of contacts and numbers who can call you!
Use Boogo with any number or device. Someone calls any of your phone numbers, you're busy or can't answer your call? Let Boogo answer your call have the caller leave a message, Boogo voicemail will send your voice to any device for easy reading. Boogo stores your voicemail in a secure vault and can transcribe each message for delivery to any email address.

Upload your own audio greeting files or create your own personal greetings using Boogo's Text to Speech.

Access your voicemail from any device and anywhere. Read or Listen, it's up to you!

When you first receive a voicemail, the voicemail is transcribe to text and sent as a email to your email address, here you can read your voicemail and click on a link to listen to your voicemail. The voicemail link expires after 2 hours.

Boogo voicemail saves you time and money, sick of paying through the roof just to access your voicemail? Make the switch to Boogo's Voicemail!

Can I use my current number from my carrier?

In most cases, Yes! Go to your phone settings and divert your voicemail to a phone number you purchased from boogo, it's that simple.

What happens when I click on the voicemail link in my email client?

The link goes to a secure page in your web browser where you can listen to your voicemail message. The voicemail message can only be accessed in 5 minute intervals, after 5 minutes you will need to resubmit the link to listen to your voicemail message. For security reasons, the voicemail link will expire after 2 hours, you will need to sign in to the users portal to access and listen to your voicemail message.

Can I access my voicemail from my smart phone?

Yes. All smart phones come with a web browser. When you click on your voicemail link, will open your default web browser where you can listen to your voicemail.

What web browsers do you support to listen to Voicemail?

Google Chrome and Firefox. Both desktop and smart phone versions. Internet Explorer doesn't support playing wave audio files, please contact Microsoft!

How much? You only pay for what you use, sending transcribed messages to your email address costs 2 cents for every voice message transcribe. To listen to your voicemail, it's free!

How much storage space for my voicemail messages?

For now, unlimited :)