Last Updated: October 30, 2013.

For pre-paid accounts, in normal circumstances the customer's account balance will not go into a debit balance below $0.00. A pre-paid balance can be refunded to the customer on request.

If the customer wishes to discontinue the service and has a credit balance at the time of cancellation, we will refund your remaining account balance in full on your request. But we charge a 20% administration fee on your remaining balance. The customer may cancel their service at any time by contacting

Dedicated PBX purchases are non-refundable, as all services associated with a particular Dedicated PBX Solution are activated at the time of purchase.

Usually a refund from the account credit balance to the customer (via credit card or direct deposit) is only available when closing an account - but if the customer has accidentally added more funds to their account than they had intended, a refund will be made if the customer contacts